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About Us

Approved Companies, Distribution of Supplements and Apparel

Why Approved Companies? 

The name might seem a bit self-rightious, but should be taken with a smile. We are a group of passionated fitness Enthusiasts & Competitive Bodybuilders, who started the adventure of developing a business the way we found it intentional. Selling a product, is for us not only an idea of Margins and Profit, though it might be tempting at some points. But the idea and fundament behind the company, is to offer and distribute products we can stand behind, and recommend. Some might tell you, that their product is the best - But in a world where marketing drives the sales, there is still Niché companies, whom find themselves batteling with the giants. We like the smaller companies, driven with passion, and do not always support the Giants.

​Selling products, from niché companies, is not always without trouble. It takes a huge effort for our staff to gather the right and adequate information for our customers. This would also show on the amount of information we try to publish, without stepping on anyones toes. 

Approved Companies Helps the American Supplement market, to Europe. 

EU, is in many ways a solid fundament for business and countries to grow. But it is entirely different than in the US, or other parts of the world. We are trying to help the American companies that sees a potential in Europe, onto the market by guiding and consulting about the products and regulatories that may have an impact on the supplement. In case of any twists and uncertain areas of the regulatories & legislations, we have teamed up with 1Afoodconsulting, whom specializes in Supplement & Food-Law in Europe.

You may have heard about supplement brands, such as Iron Rebel or MPAsupps? we provided a base for growing their businesses, in europe.

Experience, holds the foundation and integrity intact. 

Owner and founder, Jesper Ørum, Speaks from experience when it comes to Training & Supplementation. The project, Only Approved Supplements, was founded after a long period of training Athletes, and at the same time taken training seriously himself. Daniel, Our content-manager is an educated Pharmacy Technician, whom is currently undergoing courses in European food legislations & Regulations. Jenni Aaskov, is an educated Personal Trainer, whom has the responsibility for customer service. Ronnie Niemi, former employee at Gasp & Better Bodies + is a competitive Bodybuilder himself - Yes, we work with what we love... Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Jesper Ørum - CEO Only Approved

Jesper Ørum

CEO / Development

+45 3699 7080

Mathew Schwabe - Sales / Administration

Mathew Schwabe

Administration & Finance

+49 4664 2830428

Daniel Emil Ussing - Content writing + Research

Daniel Emil Ussing

Product Specialist
+45 3699 7080

Jenni Aaskov

Customer Service

Ronnie Niemi

Brand Manager

Dennis Westermann-Andresen