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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  • 5 things to consider before buying CBD oil

    In the last 10 years CBD oil sales has shown tremendous growth. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of CBD oil. In 2019 first quarter CBD niche growth shows, it is one of the fastest growing industry. Realizing the potential of markets marketers and re-sellers of CBD oil have flooded this space.

    In the early part of 21st century, the option of CBD products were limited. Today, there are various products available such as chewing gum, topical application, protein extracts, e-liquids, beverages and more.

    Such market conditions which is a buyer's market obviously, the amount of information available for the average customer of CBD oil can be overwhelming. With various products and varied promises, it can be challenging to choose the CBD product which is right for the right kind of usage.

    As the CBD industry is relatively new, there is not enough customer reviews available for these products, which can help other CBD consumers top choose the good ones from average ones. The other challenging part is to actually use and know which one is beneficial. This is why most consumers use the brands which have a robust marketing strategy but could be average in quality of the products they sell.

    SO how to find and buy the right CBD products ?

    The right research, awareness and diligence is the solution. Lets take a look at five things which can help consumers buy the right CBD products.

    1. Find products that have safe ingredients, legal and tested by third party labs.

    LAB tested CBD products

    Before you buy any CBD product, it is very important to examine the brand and the information available for the brand carefully. Usually its not uncommon for brands to use a lot of labels to make the product attractive and create a brand value in the process. But the most important thing to look for when scrutinizing the CBD product is to find, if the product has been tested in a third party lab. 2.

    2. Does the product contain less than 0.3% THC

    The % of THC should be less than 0.3%

    Legal status of using Cannabis products around the world are different. However, less than 0.3% of THC in the product is considered as safe for usage. More than this percentage of THC in any product would make it illegal. In other words, if the concentration of THC is more than 0.3% then it causes psychoactive effects or the usage makes people high.

    3.Production and sourcing of CBD

     Producing Cannabis in proper conditions

    It is important to find out how the cannabis plant was cultivated or what is the source of the CBD product. Hemp is the primary source of extracted CBD: Hence the quality of Hemp is important when it comes to CBD production.

    The quality of hemp also depends on, from which geographical region has been sourced and what cultivation standards are used to grow the plants. Some cultivation standards which are safe to consider are the ph of the soil, sourcing seeds from accredited suppliers, not using pesticides etc. Such practices ensure quality of CBD products finally produced.

    4. Process of CBD extraction

    How CBD is extracted is also important from a consumer's usage perspectives. Though several methods have been identified and used by the producers, by far CO2 extraction methods are the best.

    Using Pressurized Carbon dioxide to extract CBD from the plant parts ensures the preservation of the nutrient rich trichomes.

    5. Fair pricing

    Though we have listed fair pricing as the last point, it is in no way less significant. It s very important to buy fairly priced products to ensure the genuine producers get benefit of their hard work. It is always good to find the good balance of price and value and do your due diligence to compare the products and choose the product which suits you.

    Final Words

    The above mentioned points are only indicative of some of the efforts one can make to choose the right product. Consumers are always encouraged by us to do good research, raise their level of awareness and spread god words about good products and brands so that everyone can benefit.

  • CBD oil for cancer patient

    Incidences of Cancer also known as malignancy has grown multiple times in the past centuries. The changing life style, environmental changes, pollution etc have been told to be affecting people and creating various health hazards. Along with the advancement of science and research, effective treatment of cancer has also evolved. However, in some cases depending on the stage of cancer progression, it could be very difficult to treat the victims. In this article we shall discuss how Marijuana and CBD oil can be beneficial in treatment of Cancer.

    Marijuana and Cancer

    The dried leaves and buds of varieties of Cannabis Sativa plant is known as Marijuana. The plant mostly grows in the tropical weather around the world. It can also be cultivated commercially. People around the world call it by various names such as weed, pot, hemp, grass, ganja, hash and several other names.

    For many centuries, humans have identified the benefits of this plans and used it as herbal remedies for various illnesses and diseases. The biologically active component of Marijuana has caught the attention of the scientists over past decades. The biologically active component is also called Cannabinoids. Chemically THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

    How Marijuana can help in cancer treatment ?

    According to the American Cancer society, Marijuana or the products from the Cannabis plant can be used to treat symptoms of Cancer o the side effects of cancer treatment such as Nausea.

    Studies also show that inhaled marijuana can help in treating neuropathic pain.

    Smoked marijuana can be helpful in treating improving food intake in HIV patients.

    It is also found in studies that, people who consume marijuana extracts as part of clinical trials, show the tendency to opt less for pain medication.

    In controlled conditions Cannabinoids seem to slow down the growth and control the cancerous cells.

    Though several studies show that CBD oil is beneficial in treatment of cancer and its symptoms, avoiding main stream medicine to depend on CBD can cause serious health hazards. It is also advised that when consumed as an adjunct method of treatment of symptoms, the expert healthcare professionals who are conducting cancer management must be consulted.

  • What are Cannabinnoids ?

    Cannabinoids are compounds found in the extracts of the Cannabis plant. They act indirectly or directly on the Cannabinoid receptors of the body and keep the body healthy and stable. Human body is also known to product its own cannabinoid. These are known as endocannabinnoids.

    The first individual cannabinoid was discovered by British Scientist Robert S Cahn in 1940. Subsequently 2 years later American Chemist Roger Adams discovered Cannabidol.

    A total of 113 cannabinoids have been isolated from the Cannabis plant. THC and CBD are the most studied Cannabinoids among them.

    The Drug Enforcement and Administration ( DEA) of the united states lisits Cannabinoids as Schedule I controlled substances. However, Dronabinol a form of THC produced by the THC is legally permitted to be used for treatment of some conditions.

    The Cannabinoids are of different types and they act on the human body differently. THC makes people high as reported by marijuana users. It also relieves pain and nausea along with reduction of inflammation. The can also be used as an anti-oxidant. CBD oil can be used to reduce mental conditions like anxiety, reduce paranoia. It can also counteract the high caused by the THC.

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