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CBD Guru Offers 100% Organic CBD

We take pride in making sure we strictly offer hemp that has been grown on organic certified land,
and that the processing of the product is carried out in organic certified production facilities as well.
When looking for 100% organic CBD, trust that you can find it here at CBD Guru.

Organic hemp plant

Beware of the Organic Certification

When buying products that have an organic certification label, you can never really be sure that they are in fact 100% organic. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but in fact, there is a certain law that allows manufacturer's to mix in non-organic compounds their product, and depending on the industry, there are different percentages that are accepted.

It's not rare to see organically certified farmers buy non-organic products, put a stamp with the organic logo on them, and resell them as organic products.

Failure by the Governments

Just like the governments have failed to protect the human right of having access to medicinal cannabis, they have also failed to create a system that protects the food chain. The only solution being: simply trust that your supplier always chooses to go with products that are grown locally.

We Value Your Trust

We strictly offer products from Endoca - "a grasroot movement rather than a company", like they say themselves, and with more than 10 years of experience in producing organic CBD, we believe that we try to actively make the world a better place alongside Endoca. They are very well known for keeping incredibly high standards, and we trust it remains that way for many years to come, which we believe you can too.