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CBD High Concentration

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  1. Endoca - Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg CBD (Cannabidiol) (15%)

    1500mg (15%) CBD-Drops with dropper, from european Endoca. The oil is made from industrial hemp, with a low content of THC. The CBD oil has a mild taste, due to it being more pure than the 3% version. Remember, if you have used the 3% Hemp oil before, you should only use 1/5 of your current dosage.
  2. Endoca - Hemp Oil Paste 2000mg CBD (Cannabidiol) (20%)

    If it has to be strong, then there is no way around the 2000mg CBD paste from Endoca. The paste comes in a syringe with the ability to measure your dosage, by adjusting it to the right position. This is highly concentrated Cannabis oil, yielding 2g of Pure CBD per unit.
  3. Endoca - CBD Extract, RAW (2000mg / 20%) CBD+CBDa

    2000mg RAW CBD Extract, containing a total of 2000mg CBD+CBDa
  4. Endoca - CBD Extract, RAW (3000mg / 30%) CBD+CBDa

    The strongest concentration of CBD, which is currently available in the assortment from Endoca. The Extract (Paste) comes in 10G syringes, with a simple dosing system, for being able to measure the exact same cannabis oil dosage, day-by-day. the CBD extract, is Unheated and therefore contains the CBD + acetate acids (CBDa)

4 Item(s)